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    • Secure Online Credit Applications
    • Inventory Tracking (Sales & Service)
    • Call Center Solutions
    • Reaach department (Fleet, Finance, Sales, Accounting, Internet).  With Instant Invoice Software from DaySol, your invoices get scanned one time upon arrival.  Then any individual with our client software installed on their PC, a valid username, and a password can view, print, or fax any invoice right from their PC. 

      Think about the time people waste chasing and managing new vehicle invoices.  Join some of the largest Automotive Dealers in the country who have taken advantage of this time saving software.  Some of the areas that will benefit from using Instant Invoice Software: 

      1.      Inventory Manager - not having to make and distribute multiple copies of every invoice and the ability to instantly view, print, or fax any invoice for dealer trades. 

      2.      Finance Department - ability to instantly view, print, or fax any invoice for lenders and deal packs. 

      3.      Executives, Sales Mangers, Fleet Managers, Commercial Sales Managers, or anyone you choose - ability to instantly view, print or fax any invoice right from their PC.

      4.      Accounting - (EOY LIFO Module) Print required Invoices and/or create image package to burn to CDROM.

      5.      Salespeople - ability to instantly view, print or fax any invoice (With Cost Figures Blocked) right from their PC.

      This software will streamline the process of managing your new vehicle invoices.


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